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PROAct™ - Process Valve Actuator







PROAct™ is a subsea, electric, linear actuator for the operation of control valves.
It is unique in that it is the first subsea electric actuator available which combines the benefits of electric actuation with the performance required for modulating control valve duties.

PROAct™ will operate any linear modulating valve rapidly and accurately, making it suitable for any modulating control valve application. The actuator provides accurate positional feedback in real time, allowing valve wear rate to be readily monitored.

PROAct™ is a two-part design utilising a minimum number of components; it comprises an oil-filled, pressure-balanced, electro-mechanical actuator and an electronic drive package that may be housed in the benign environment of a local subsea control module (SCM). The two-part design was developed after investigation into high-reliability components used in the aerospace industry.

Typical Applications

Subsea separator level control can be achieved using variable speed pumps, or actuated modulating valves in conjunction with single speed pumps. The electronics required for variable speed pumps are large and expensive. By contrast, the combination of PROAct™ and single speed pumps is cost effective, compact and more reliable.


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