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REAct™ - Linear actuator






REAct™ is a subsea, electric fail-safe actuator for the operation of linear isolation valves. It combines the benefits of electric actuation with the security of a fail-safe spring return mechanism.


Fail-safe actuators commonly energise the spring relative to the valve position, making the drive mechanism work against both the spring and the valve during normal operating duties. REAct™ is unique in that the spring stack used to close/open the valve in an emergency, operates totally independently of normal valve operation. Initial operation of the valve energises and locks the fail-safe spring stack in place, before normal valve operation takes place. Disconnection of power to REAct's™ unique locking mechanism will release the energy stored in the spring stack, thereby closing (or opening) the valve in the event of an emergency. No clutches or back-drive mechanisms are involved; therefore the system is totally reliable.

REAct™ is a two-part design utilising a minimum number of components; it comprises an oil filled, pressure-balanced, electro-mechanical actuator and an electronic drive package that may be housed in the benign environment of a local subsea control module (SCM). The two-part design was developed after investigation into high-reliability components in the aerospace industry.

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