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Isolation Valve






The AB3™ Valve can be described as a compact, quarter-turn, full-bore, double block and bleed, expanding plug valve.

The AB3™ is a full through bore valve that is more compact than alternative designs. It incorporates a pair of hard-coated metal seal plates that are diametrically opposed and held against the flowing ports. When opening the valve, the seal plates retract prior to rotating 90º into the fully open position.

Most isolation valves in use today are ball, gate or taper plug type valves sometimes requiring critical seat machining. The AB3 Valve has a simple parallel bore of constant diameter throughout its entire length. Manufacture is simplified as it can be cylindrically honed to achieve a good surface finish.

Whereas expanding split gate valves with a similar double block and bleed function already exist, they are bulkier and heavier.

The AB3 Valve is manufactured from materials suitable for use in the oil, gas and chemical industries.