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Alpha Thames Subsea


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AlphaCPU ™


The System-Modules™ are state of the art, all-electric, unitised autonomous modules for use in the Central Processing Unit (AlphaCPU™) to enhance an AlphaPRIME™ developed field.







The System-Modules™ can incorporate manifolds, separation systems, booster pumps, or any other requirements. They can be reconfigured and optimised to suit changing reservoir characteristics, as required throughout field life, whilst production is maintained.

Today's System-Modules™ utilise standard multibored wellhead type connectors for single datum fluid connections. These connectors allow the rapid connection/disconnection and retrieval of the System-Modules™ to the surface for reconfiguration, maintenance or repair. Once recovered, accurate fault-finding, reliable component integration, and full system testing can be carried out under factory conditions, before re-deployment.

The System-Modules™ incorporate key Alpha Thames Subsea technology, which makes them capable of all-electric operation at almost unlimited water depths and step-out distances. Installation, operation and retrieval can all be achieved without diver intervention.

The AlphaCPU™s of an AlphaPRIME™ developed field are configured using two or more System-Modules™ to ensure maximum system availability in the event of a malfunction. Each System-Module™ can be sized to provide up to 100% production throughput, and includes power distribution, control and monitoring allowing autonomous operation. This ensures that Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) activities can be undertaken without well shut-in, thereby avoiding loss of production.